"Wala na ba talaga? Seryosong tanong."

Pano kung hindi ko alam? Affected pa rin ako pero hindi na ganun kasakit. I mean, hindi naman mawawala basta basta yung care sa isang tao, ‘di ba? Naging kayo man o hindi. Andun at andun siya. May space siyang kakarampot sa puso mo.

Wala na ba talaga? Hindi ko rin alam. Wala na nga ba talaga?


How does it feel to know that you’re the reason of her tears? What it feels like to realize that you’ve caused her so much pain? How do you feel when you’re thinking that she’s suffering from pain and she cry herself to sleep at night because she’s so vulnerable and lost all because of you? How do you feel when the one who loves you so much is not hurting because of you?

I wish I see you in my dreams.
I didn’t gave up on you. You did.
― (via walakomaurlputa)


When my bestfriend asked me if I’m completely over him. I said yes. Truth is, I’m still not absolutely sure.

Hoping to finish my creative writing shit piece by this weekend. Ugh.

Do you believe in second chances?

Is there such thing as second chances? Does everyone deserve to be given a second chance? How about a third chance?

I believe in second chances. It’s still a blurr to me but I think I do believe in them because I also believe that none of us of perfect and that everybody commits mistakes. I believe that the mistakes or wrong-doings they commit for the first time are because they lack knowledge of it. And maybe, just maybe, after they make that mistake, the person will learn more about the experience or something. They’ll have deeper understanding of it.

On the other hand, I do not believe in third chances because I believe that mistakes that are committed for the second time are not by coincidence but by their choice.

The worst feeling is when you don’t wanna give up on someone but you know you have to


One time this girl really hated me and wanted to ruin my reputation or something so one day i was talking to a boy and she came up and really obnoxiously said “you know she has a crush on you right?” and he was like “man i hope so or else this is gonna get really awkward”

She fuckin told my boyfriend that i liked him

What did Time smell like? Like dust and clocks and people. And if you wondered what Time sounded like, it sounded like water running in a dark cave and voices crying and dirt dropping down upon hollow box lids, and rain. And, going further, what did Time look like? Time looked like snow dropping silently into a black room or it looked like a silent film in an ancient theater, one hundred billion faces falling like those New Year balloons, down and down into nothing.
― Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles (via feellng)
Wag mong ikumpara ang sarili mo sa iba.

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